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Explain new tumblr

Since so many of my friends have trouble with new tumblr layout and tumblr is working kind of well on me, I try to explain everything I know about this, hope it helps you with whatever problems with tumblr now.

1. Your new layout when you post something should be like this:

    - For text post


   - For photo post


* If your upload pop-up is not like this, check if you’re still using missing-e or xkit. Disable them all. You don’t have to uninstall them. Just disable by Customize and Control Chrome (on your address bar) -> Tools -> Extensions -> find missing-e/xkit in the list and uncheck them. This way, we can wait until those extensions get new update for new tumblr, then re-check them to use again. No need to re-install.

* Most of other problems about:

  • can’t answer your asks in inbox
  • can’t reply
  • can’t tag

They’re caused by the same reason above: extensions. Just disable them and refresh.

 2. To reply to a reply on your post, click on the bubble icon:


3. How to make a gifset/photoset

When you post more than 1 gif/photo on new tumblr, it will appear like a vertical row. Keep uploading 2 or 4 (or many) photos/gifs you need to, don’t be panic.

After uploading, click on the gif/photo you want to rearrange then drag them to the place you want them to be.

Example: I post two Sehun’s gifs here. They appear vertical. But I want to put 2 gifs in a row. I click the 2nd gif and drag it to the place on the right of the 1st gif.


* Can you see the blue line in the red rectangle? Whenever it appears, that means your rearrangement is working. Drag whatever you want to wherever you want until you see that blue line, then drop it. Everything will be okay. Here’s my result.


Okay, I think these are basic troubles most of you are facing with new tumblr. 

My advice: I saw you guys are using some app helping to change your tumblr back to old layout. It’s okay bc not everyone is ready for a change like this. But tbh, I think tumblr really wants to make a change this time. So, sooner or later, we will have to use this new layout somehow. The sooner you get used to this, the better you feel easier in using tumblr. Those app would be like those extensions, they would be not able to help us someday. Btw, I found this new layout is kind of convenient. Try and experience it. Be patient. And enjoy :)

p/s: if you found this useful, pls reblog or give it to your friend so we don’t have to complain on our dash ^^~

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